The role of humidification atomizer

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Because of the rich variety of atomization plate, can be applied to a variety of occasions, so the prospect is broad, has been loved by consumers. Household atomization plate and equipment with atomization plate demand is also increasing, in the use of industrial atomization plate humidifier need to pay attention to what places? Ke Ri fogging for you to share:

Because of the rich variety of fogging plate fogger, can be applied to a variety of occasions, so the prospect is broad, has been loved by consumers. The demand for household fogging plates and equipment with fogging plates is also increasing, which is related to the role of humidification fogger, Kezhong fogging for you to share:

The role of humidification atomizer

Good air quality, not only make people live more comfortable and healthier, but also make many industrial products from damage, to play its maximum role, humidity as one of the main parameters of the air, and people's lives, production is closely related, people live in 50 ~ 60% humidity environment feel comfortable, otherwise they will feel dry or wet and stuffy. In the textile industry, humidity below 40% is easy to break yarn; tobacco industry, humidity higher than 70% is easy to mold, and when the humidity is below 30% is very easy to generate static electricity is extremely detrimental to the electronics industry. With the development of modern air conditioning technology, air humidity adjustment technology and various types of humidification, dehumidification equipment has also been developed.

China in the 1960s that began to pay attention to the development of moisture reduction equipment, has been the development of temperature and humidity reduction, rotor moisture reduction and low-temperature condensation moisture reduction, and its products have long been widely used in the country. But humidification technology has been to the early 70s also stay in the drenching humidification and electrode humidification, with the development of textile, electronics, printing, tobacco, special reserves and other technologies and people's living environment comfort requirements continue to improve, the humidification technology put forward a new subject, the late 70s steam humidification technology is widely used, dry steam humidifier test success.

To the 80's with the further exchange of Chinese and foreign technology, centrifugal humidification, ultrasonic humidification and other advanced technologies have been developed and commercialized. 80's late and the emergence of high-pressure spray humidifier, new electrode humidifier, wet film humidifier and other new products. At present, there are many varieties of humidifiers, with different performance, users should choose according to the product performance characteristics, humidity needs, use occasions and other factors when buying humidifiers.

The future development of humidification technology dynamics! With the continuous progress of society, I believe that in the near future, whether in the home or industrial production, the use of humidifiers will become more and more common, the level of people's lives will also be higher and higher.

We pick humidification atomizer, in addition to its price, should also pay attention to the different properties of various types of atomization plate, from which to select the type more suitable for their own home use. Fog board in Foshan City, the most, to find high-grade fog board can be found in Foshan City, Nanhai Ke Ri Ultrasonic Electronics Co., Ltd. to buy, reasonable prices, on time delivery, trusted fog board manufacturers.

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