About KERI

Sine 2001

KERI was established in 2001. For more than 20 years, we have focused on the research and development of innovative technologies and products for ultrasonic nebulization applications, and so far we have developed into the only technology-based manufacturer with core devices, special accessories, functional components, finished products for home use, professional equipment and application engineering capabilities in the whole industry chain.


Since its establishment, the company has been holding the business philosophy of "technology-oriented, culture-driven, and win-win development". We have been insisting on large-scale R&D investment for a long time, creating many new categories of ultrasonic nebulization applications and accumulating a large number of key technologies and application data. Based on this, we provide high-quality technical services to our customers and help many of them successfully develop new functional application products.


Business Philosophy

Technology Pioneer      Focus on the investment in technology and long-term accumulation of military, to promote the progress and development of enterprises with the progress of technology.

Culture Driven      Focus on the shaping of core values, give full play to the enthusiasm and creativity of the staff, form the inherent doubt gathering power, fighting power and self-binding force of the enterprise, and enhance the comprehensive ability of the enterprise.

Technology Pioneer      Focus on long-term customer value, pay practical attention to the growth needs of employees, pay attention to the common interests of stakeholders, and achieve the win-win development of enterprises, employees and partners

Enterprise Spirit

Enterprise spirit is the soul of the enterprise
To create value for customers, opportunities for employees and benefits for society by establishing the foundation of the enterprise

Integrity  ·   Sincerity and trustworthiness

Specialties  ·   Dedicated and focused, striving for excellence  

Solidarity  ·   Altruism and self-interest, team first 

Progressive  ·   Can people can not, do people do the last


Honor of Enterprise

Enterprise Honors

· National High-tech Enterprise                                              · Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center

· ​CNAS accredited laboratory                                               · Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center

· The new national standard [ GB/T 23332-2018 humidifier ] main editorial unit  · 2020-Foshan Manufacturing Invisible Champion Enterprises


Development History



On July 15, KERI was officially established. Invented the patent "ultrasonic atomization decorative light" to open up a new track in the industry.


Released "industry new group type atomizer" to promote the development of ultrasonic atomization industrial humidification equipment. The founder of the whole field of atomization equipment application.


Successfully developed the first dedicated chip for liquid level sensing technology.


Released "the world's first ultrasonic atomization aromatherapy machine" to achieve low-temperature diffusion of plant essential oils, empowering the plant essential oil industry and promoting the breakthrough development of supporting products.

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Artisanal Wisdom Kejri Ultrasound Industry Invisible Champion (above)


Artisanal Wisdom Kejri Ultrasound Industry Invisible Champion (below)


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